Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Strappy hood and body piece

Just wrapped up a couple of new pieces for Karen Hsiao to shoot for her Black Cherries series. These were a total departure from my typical working method, being composed completely of vinyl straps. There was no pattern in the traditional sense, just a series of straps joined together one piece at a time. 

In order to keep the lines of the straps parallel on the hood, I had to actually make some of the straps out of curved pieces. Some of the curves were counterintuitive, and I ended up having to experiment to get the shape right. 

The body was challenging as well - each strap had to be a unique length, and I had to calculate the center, front dimension, rear dimension and front divided in half for each strap to position it correctly. 

With all the hours of careful measuring, cutting and assembly, the end result looks surprisingly simple and clean...


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    1. Thanks Ookamii, I can't wait to see them on a model...

  2. thought you might be interested in this photo from flickr it is

  3. I just found your blog, I think I've gone back a year in it just admiring everything you've crafted, you are amazing! Every peice is simply a work of art! Thanks to your great instructions I will try my hand at some creations of my own when I can afford the tools/materials. Keep up the amazing work Christopher!