Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vanilla Gallery Wrap Up

Some images of the pieces on display at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo.

Karen Hsiao had a small portfolio of prints - her gorgeous Asian girls in hoods, armbinder and bondage mittens. 

She also showed a suite of oil paintings in gold frames. 

My "kneeling-posture" restraint on a pedestal. (Unfortunately, with no one inside...) For some reason I don't think the pillow I sent for this suit made it through Japanese customs. It looks a bit, oh I don't know, deflated?

A portion of prints from the "Black Cherries" series. 

My red f-suit suspended from the ceiling! 

I understand the people who run the gallery have an S&M Bar in Osaka as well. I need to go and see that in person...

Overall it was a great experience. The people at Vanilla Gallery are very nice, and I am so happy to have had the opportunity. I even managed to sell the red f-suit! Thanks to Karen Hsiao and everyone at Vanilla Gallery for making it possible. Dreams, people. They do come true!