Friday, June 27, 2014

Incredible Lockable Leather Suit from Overall Bound

I got an email a while ago from a gentleman (nom de perv: Overall Bound) who had an incredible custom-made bondage suit he had made for himself by a leather artisan. It had an integrated heavy hood which attached with a zipper, making it removable from the body, if desired. This bondage suit is fully leather lined, with smooth leather facing the inside throughout, including the hood. 

The blindfold and mouth zip can be locked in place. 

Pretty much every strap you see can be locked. 
As he mentions: "With the padlock in place on the arm strap, with the arms passed through the central hole and two lateral loops, there’s no way to get the arms free".
 The locking harness covers the rear lacing panel, and the collar (of course) locks on as well. 

There is a two-layered pouch at the crotch - one tight fitting with a hole for the penis, and a second lockable layer to cover everything up. 
"With the padlocks in place, even with the arms free you don’t get out of that suit. With everything one, and wearing boots (he has heavy leather lined boots to go with it too), it’s 100% total leather enclosure except for the two nostril holes". A man after my own heart. 

For the leather enclosure enthusiast, I would think this is kind of an ultimate trip! I wonder if he ever got anyone to take his picture while inside the suit?