Thursday, June 26, 2014

Red Armbinder and Hood from Restricted Senses

I've been going a bit nuts lately over the work being done by my friend over at Restricted Senses tumblr site. "Mr. X" has been exchanging emails with me about his projects, including some gear he's been making based on the patterns I've posted. 

He did a great job modifying the armbinder pattern to fit his shapely (and quite flexible) slavegirl. He also is taking and posting countless incredible sexy photos of said gear in use  and sharing with us (for free) because frankly he's just awesome.

I swear it makes me want to cry... In a good way! She's so pretty!!!

 My weakness for gorgeous tight-fitting leather gear on a willing and stunningly beautiful Asian model has never been so fully exploited. 

He did mention that he enjoys seeing the feedback, and really that isn't asking for much, is it? 

Dear Mr. X, Please keep up the amazing work, and know that you and your slave are making pervs everywhere very happy. We're not worthy...

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