Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Random Collection of Images...

We probably have access to more images than any previous generation thanks to the internet… I can literally spend hours on tumblr browsing through random images taken out of context by people who re-post. The decontextualization lends a kind of mystery that always makes me curious about the image, its origin, who created it and why. I don't know what ties the following together other than I find them visually arresting and inspiring for one reason or another. 

Alexander Wang 2013


  1. My apology if this message doesn't belong here... I've just been sent these images and I hope you'll enjoy.
    the last is a yahoo group "confining clothing... some cloth , some latex, some ideas you might enjoy a taste of..............hope you enjoy ...(signed) Karen

  2. Wow, that Mylene Farmer video is pretty amazing. I've seen bondage-influenced costumes on stage before, but that is the first time I've seen a full-on restraint used during the performance of an entire song. Thanks for sending the links!