Sunday, March 1, 2015

Some Great News from the Googleplex

Looks like Google is giving some thought to not shutting down blogs just because they have adult content, but being more selective about only blocking sites that violate their policy against commercial porn content on their blog platform. 

It's a happy day (and a big relief) for me and the future of this blog. Many thanks for every single person who reached out with messages of support and offers to help me move the content somewhere else! 

Happily, it's not the end. There's lots more to come...


  1. That's good to hear... that would have been a shame for you (and us!) to loose this blog.

  2. I also read the thread on the google forum but does anyone know if it's official? The only email I received from them is the one that say my blog is being closed.

    1. I did also see a message on my blog's overview page:
      It backs up the above statement, and has a link to their overall policy for blog content. I think it would have been nice to get an email, but am just happy they're not pulling the plug!