Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hot Stuff

We all know the net is just a never-ending cornucopia of sensual images, and there are so many people better at doing image reposting than I am. But I had to share a set with you guys, because if you haven't seen 'em... you're missing something. Think of it like a current mood board, or a repository of inspirational wonderfulness. 

I always love to see what my friends are looking at too, and sammyPSWKUA and Restricted Senses, all have fantastic tumblrs happening. Check 'em out when you have a chance. Especially if you're into tasteful and intense fetish bondage (Restricted Senses), Asian cutie pies with some very dirty minds and some potty play (sammy), and creative rubbery bondage scenarios (PSWKUA).  


  1. i don't think any of these are things i reblogged, so i'm going to totally stick my tongue out for like, a second, until you accept that you posted a lot of super cool stuff, and i'm sorry i didn't alert you to it.


    if you don't accept you posting a lot of super cool stuff, i don't know what to do. :-P

    1. hey sammy,
      I can't come close to what you've done! You're so prolific with the posting, and you write fiction, and more personal stuff too... It's very inspiring.

    2. and do you have a real tumblr you tumblr from? if you're not up to share everywhere, send an email? i see so many of your art things on tumblr, and want to reblog, but like smug "oh, this is Mr. Christopher's work. maybe you know him?"

      smug reblogging is easier when i can link at you! :-P

      also you super the best ever, and no matter what, i want you to know that i'm giving you a blogger hug tonight. partially because i'm drunk. partially because i'm drunk about supreme court stuff. mostly because you're awesome.


  2. Awww... sammy, you're the best. I don't have a tumblr, I feel like so many people do it so well. Including you I must say. Your tumblr is one of my favorites. A constant source of inspiration and horny feelings. =)

    Yes, the supreme court thing is great. It's a good day. And I'd gladly take a drunken hug from you, anytime.

    1. finally got to the drunk place where i remember that question and look for the answer.

      so a) i'm going to do that smug reblog thing from now on to point here. because i feel bad about not redirecting people on my blog when i had images when i could.

      b) you're super awesome!


      no kisses because i think i'm sick today.