Saturday, May 30, 2015

Robert Bishop Archive on Tumblr

I just came across an amazing archive of Robert Bishop's artwork completely by accident. It all started when I read an article about how the painter Mark Rothko had died of suicide. Van Gogh also famously killed himself, which got me thinking: "How many other famous visual artists have committed suicide?" I go to the Wikkipedia page, and there in the first column is Robert Bishop! I had no idea... The Wikki entry on Robert was a surprise, and at the bottom was a link to a tumblr account dedicated exclusively to his work. 

It's easy to go down the rabbit hole if you visit the tumblr, and I suggest you go only when you have a decent amount of time to explore. There is a ton of work there, and it's really well presented. Most of the original artwork no longer exists, so it's only through the work of dedicated fans who have tracked down and scanned  the art from magazines and old catalogs that the images are being preserved. 

There are many, many images of things (scenarios, poses, restraints) that just resonate through my mind quite strongly. It's great to see familiar ideas, like the square armbinder (box-tie) type restraint. 

Or something quite close to the bondage booties I did a while back, complete with front lacing and D-rings at the toes. 
Something close to the leg pockets I've made...

The designs for restraints are carefully thought out and rendered, and in many cases are things that could be actually built in the real world. 
Of course, for many you'd need limber, flexible models. 

And let's just say that Mr. Bishop seemed to enjoy the ample bosom. 

 Just stunning artistry, and an incredible feel for female anatomy. 
 A fetishist's delight in shiny textures and deeply-set ball gags. 

 Of course, super tall boots...
 Leather harnesses...

 Beautiful headgear...

Even a few straitjackets. This drawing is really lovely I think: 

Even the inspiration for InSex's fiberglass hard case? Possibly...
 Just so much stunning work. 

Some hood illustrations I'd never seen before: 

 Even a self-portrait. Amazing to think that he did all this work by the age of 46...
Definitely check it out here when you have a chance. 


  1. if i believe the dates on that old usb drive, i downloaded all of his pictures when i was 15.

    18. totally 18. no one ever looks at porn when they're young. no one. ever. :)

    but yeah. i remember clicking and saving each one for a while while i was in high school. i did a lot of other artists the same way.

    there were totally a lot of feelings when i saved them. and a lot of similar ones now.

    1. That's cool sammy... I think I've said it before, but I do love your kinky little mind. Your story reminds me of the day I found a 3-foot tall stack of dirty magazines somebody left at the dump. I was around 12 or 13 at the time. Completely changed my life! A pre-internet pornocopia. =0)