Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Padded Sensory Deprivation Hood - PART III

The initial idea for this hood was to have breathing tubes, but after experimenting with a mock-up of the foam and leather sandwich layers, the best option turned out to be using a plain old #00 grommet. 

I couldn't find a sleek, low-profile way to have the tube secure on both sides. Maybe in future designs I'll figure out a way to make this work, but for now I'm stumped. 
 One more element to add: a rear lacing tongue to keep the hair out of the laces. 
 I used double-sided tape to hold the tongue in position, and stitched it using the post-bed machine with roller foot. 
 I wouldn't recommend doing the tongue sewing after the grommets were set, but in this case the hood is a prototype. The only way to create a pattern is to actually make the thing, making notes and changes along the way. Once the pattern is proofed, it will be easier to set the grommets after sewing the tongue. 
So finally we have the finished hood. And just in time for Christmas! 


  1. Are any of your creations for sale? If so, where? Price?

    1. Hi Howard,
      Sorry, but I'm no longer doing custom work for hire. Hope to share personal projects and tips here, but that's about it.