Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Butterfly Straitjacket with open breasts

Finally had a chance to shoot the butterfly jacket on a model - the open-breast version. I paired it with the recently made mouth-only hood in off-white lamb, which made for a killer combination. I am really happy with the fit and look of the open-breast jacket - this one has the smallest arm-pockets yet. It is just sexy as hell!

The next step is to make the jacket and hood connected, so you don't have 2 layers overlapping at the neck... maybe the entire jacket in the soft lamb leather?


  1. Truly awesome color combination! I would like to see more of this pastel colors. I like also, very much, the detail of the border around the breast openings.

    What was the model's opinion about the outfit :)?

  2. The color contrast is really cool looking in real life - the photo almost doesn't do it justice. And yeah, the breas opening came out really cool! I can't wait to do that on some other pieces...

    Re: the model - she was happy with the style, and is looking forward to a super-soft all-lamb version. =0)