Monday, May 7, 2012

London Rope Top

Sometimes you gotta say "WOW!". This guy's incredible. I came across this image a while ago on flickr:
...and thought that would be fun to try to make something similar in leather. Challenging, but what a concept. Kind of like the hogsack, but with a separate pocket for the arms and possibly hands too? Horny as all hell. I looked up one of the names tagged on the image (London Rope Top) and came across his tumblr site, which is chock full of completely bound horny fetish-wrapped gay boys. I couldn't find that exact image, but there are many similar, so I'm pretty sure it's him.

There's lots of rubber, leather, spandex, suspension and more - all expertly applied and nicely photographed. Definitely worth a visit... just not while you're at work!

More from London Rope Top's tumbler site here.

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