Friday, May 11, 2012

Male Butterfly Straitjacket Project Pix

So, with the recent project for Mark and friends at Serious Bondage complete, the only thing left was to take some nice photos so I have something to remember the project by before I send it off. Back when I asked Mark what size he wanted me to make these things, he just said "Make it fit you", so that is what I did. So that means I get to be the model as well. Oh, goody!

BTW: Friends of mine who happen to check out my blog from time to time, if you don't want to see me tied up, look away now! Fair warning!!!

As you can see from the pix below, the fit of the hood is quite nice. The wood hood form and stretch spray worked to create a nice 3-dimensional shape from my flat leather starting point.

As I mentioned before, the darts at the chin really help the fit in that part of the hood. Ideally, the fewer seams the better, but those little darts make a big difference in the contour of that tricky-to-fit area - especially with this heavy-weight leather. It's a good trade-off.
The one thing I do want to adjust for next time is the length of the side panels at the point where the seams meet at the base of the neck. I think it is just a little too long, and could be maybe 1/4-inch shorter. The front of the neck seems to be a perfect length though, and the nose-holes are perfectly positioned for easy breathing.
Now, with the jacket:
The butterfly straitjacket is definitely a different sort of feel from a traditional straitjacket, in that your arms aren't closely wrapped and bound to your body, but rather trapped within the arm pocket with somewhat limited movement. With the zipper pulled up to the top of the high collar, I think it would be pretty difficult to get yourself out.
I initially thought of this more as a female restraint, based on my concept of a male master "pinning down" a female partner. But for the male wearer, it is a rather frustrating and fun experience, one that keeps you from being able to do anything with your hands.
Coupled with the hood, it is a pretty intense experience, and a great combination of enclosure and exposure, leaving you feeling quite vulnerable. I hope Mark and friends are happy with the end result...


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    1. Thanks, Sheri Darling... I always appreciate the encouragement!

  2. I do understand, its not easy to be your own model as you have to be outside to see what modifications you have make for perfect fit.
    I like your modeling.

    All the best to all who like Christohers blog.