Thursday, January 3, 2013

F-suit for Vanilla Gallery - Leg Pockets

Now that we have the arm pockets and body partially finished, it's time to work on the leg pockets. 

I've gotten into the habit of marking left and right pieces so things don't get mixed up along the way. 
The first thing I am going to do is sew the zipper into the front panel of the leg pocket. I've started experimenting with a different way of sewing the zippers. Instead of doing it with the zipper together, I separate the teeth and do one side first. The zipper stops just short of the knee-seam. 
 Once that first half is sewn in, I zip the other part together with the slider. 
 The top of the foot pocket is sewn in until I reach the zipper. Then I stop to glue down the seam allowance for the outside leg. 
 I glue right up to the beginning of the zipper. 
 Once the glue dries I fold over the seam allowance and sew the other half of the zipper in place. 
 I'm taking this zipper all the way to the end of the foot pocket, so it will run along the edge of the leg, from the knee to the toes. 
 That went well, and I end up with a nicely-shaped knee pocket. 
 Both sides have zippers in...
 Time to cut a couple of strips for tongues. 

Because the leg pocket can open wide, it's pretty easy to sew the tongues into place freehand - without tape or clips. 

 Tongue complete!
So, zippers and tongues in place, we can proceed with the 2nd side of the leg pocket. 
These just get clipped in place and sewn. 
And next we clip the bottoms of the foot pocket...
Done and done...
 We can turn these right-side out. Everything look OK? Good! Time to glue down all the rest of the seam allowances inside. 

 And that pretty much takes us to completion on the leg pockets.  


  1. Who'll be the lucky one to wear it...?

    1. It will be made to fit my wifey perfectly... but since it's for the show in Tokyo, I'm hoping someone there will fit into it!