Friday, January 11, 2013

Poster Number Two for Vanilla Gallery show

Well, I finished up the second piece I'm sending to Japan for the upcoming show at Vanilla Gallery. I managed to take some pictures as well, and put together the little poster shown below. The kneeling restraint is another one of those "I've always wanted to try that" projects, that have been lurking in my mind and sketchbooks for years. I'm so happy to finally have the opportunity to make it happen for real through my collaboration with Karen Hsiao and her Black Cherries series. It's been a great chance to just let my imagination run wild, and follow wherever it goes. No limits. The best kind of project. The show is coming up so soon: February 4th. I have to get this stuff in the mail!

More images and some of the process to come shortly... I'm off to bed. 


  1. You have made my deepest dream a reality! I never knew the leather sack is bendable. The form looks so...perfect!

  2. Dear Meguca,
    this is a whole new sack, made from a totally different pattern than the sleepsack or the f-suit. It's designed and built from scratch for a kneeling position, with arms behind the back. You can't lay out flat with this even if you wanted to! You will be able to see it more clearly when I post the other images... I always think of you when I'm working on this kind of thing, because a lot of your drawings feature a lot of specific (and creative) positions. I wish I could make them as fast as you can draw them! And I'm so happy to know that I made a dream of yours come true!! =0)