Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kneeling Playsuit Pillow

A look at the pillow I made for the 2nd playsuit for the Vanilla Gallery show. As with the f-suit, I ended up making the exact same pattern in cloth for the kneeling playsuit that I had used on the leather version. I had to really take care to mark all the pieces clearly - because they are very easy to mix up, especially early in the process.

This stack is from the toes to the front of the chest:

The hood...

Sub-assembled top half and bottom half:

And, everything joined together: 

 I love the look of these forms, they just come alive even stuffed with polyester fiber! 

 On this one, I did end up putting a zipper on the back so they can add more fill at the gallery if necessary. 
 Here is the moment of truth: How far down will the vacuum-bag reduce the pillow? I started with the f-suit:
 Damn, that was pretty awesome! It worked... The texture goes from being like a pillow, to being dense and semi-hard, like ice-cream. It's weird...
 But after a few tries, I got both pillows down to size...
 Two full-body sized pillow forms, shrunk down to fit into a 12 by 15 by 6-inch deep box. Awesome! 

A little animation of the stuffing:


  1. Hmm, if the outer material is brocade with chinese 'Prosperity' pattern, it would really replace my current body pillow, hehe

  2. Now I know what to make you for Christmas! =0)

  3. You are really destroying my sweet illusions!
    somehow I was all the time trying to convince myself that "of course" these two nice playsuits would be "inhabited" by suitable models for the exhibition. Possibly with the girls having to do a number of shifts, say 90 minutes each .. but still _ living art _
    Illusion destroyed. It will take me days to re-build my phantasy ;o)

    1. Oh, that would have been awesome...

    2. Hi Christopher.
      I hope all is well with you.
      It is a long time since your last post (unusually)and hope I am unduly concerned.
      I,m also missing your wonderful blog!

    3. Hey hardiants,
      Thanks for the concern, and it has been a while since I've posted. Just busy with a lot of things going on, and trying to catch up!