Thursday, May 30, 2013

Butterfly Straitjacket from McHurt

My friend Mark at Serious Bondage pointed me to a Berlin-based manufacturer called McHurt who is offering a really nice looking butterfly straitjacket for sale. At current exchange rates it's only a little over $250 US! It looks well designed, with laced arm pockets, dual crotch straps and nipple access zippers. I like the added feature of the zippers on the arm pockets, so your slave could wear this out to a club, and you can increase the level of restraint as needed. It's nice to have options sometimes!

A statement on their homepage reads:
"The name McHurt originated from the notion of Scottish frugality. With this we want to express our opposition to the countless, overpriced SM products, which have annoyed us for so many years. Just like the Scots, we attach great value to quality and style. This is by no means a contradiction in terms. Already, there are discount stores in other business sectors, whose recipe for success is to offer high-quality products for genuine fair prices."
I like these guys, and appreciate their philosophy. Anyone who is trying to get more quality S&M toys into the hands of more people to enjoy at reasonable prices is OK by me. 

One thing I can say from my own experience that they are definitely hitting the mark with offering a jacket like this at that price. I'm not sure exactly how they can do it, with the cost of materials and the amount of labor involved. But since they did, they seem worth checking out! Available in a range of six sizes from X-small to XX-Large. 

They also have classic straitjackets, a bolero-style armbinder, and a cool mini single-glove too... Visit their home page here.


  1. I have one of these. There's some pictures on my blog :)

    It's pretty good quality, obviously not as fitted as yours, but very very good :)

  2. Good to know, thisgirl! I have to go check it out...

    1. Oh, I think I found the post... Is it this one?

      Looks like a fun time...

  3. yes but these are far better pictures!


  4. That butterfly jacket with netherstraps look so fine.

  5. I've got a few of the things that McHurt make, they're pretty good quality for the money really. Hood, blindfold/earmuff combo, and the mini single-glove, and I just ordered the bolero armbinder, as it's something that looks simpler to get on/off compared to the other one I have.

    I'd love one of the butterfly jackets, but would need to lose a bit of weight around the waist to be able to fit into it, lol.

    -- THH

  6. I bought the normal SJ (and my girlfriend the SJ for women). from McHurt some months ago and we won't miss them again. All the SJs out there costs between $900 to $1800 and more (latex or leather). This SJs were about $300 and $250 and they are great for its prices. Sure there is room for improvement but you get a very soft and good leather quality and the male/normal SJ feels really "heavy".

    Both of them feels like real SJs and they aren't compareable with all the other cheap SJs. We wear them for a lot of sessions now and they feel sturdy and unescapable.

    Also all other products of McHurt are very good quality. I visited them at the "Boundcon" fair this year and they all really now what they do. I will buy soon other products of them.

    Realy satisfied customers here ;-)!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Good to hear from someone who has bought and used the items...