Friday, May 31, 2013

Custom High-Heeled Fetish Boots

I was asked recently if I knew any good place to have custom fetish boots made. I actually had a pair made years ago at a small shop called Solanj Shoes on Santa Monica Boulevard up in LA. But the gentleman who worked there was very old, and I don't think he has a shop anymore. 

Some years ago Little Shoe Box (located in the UK) was also an option, but they have since closed down as well. 

During my searching around online I came across Fabulously Fetish, a London-based shop that seems to be doing really beautiful classic bondage and fetish-style boots, handmade in real leather. These aren't cheap Pleaser styles made in China, but hand made of quality leather, and customizable as well. 

My four favorite styles: Aleah (love how tight the ankle fits):
 The Regina: (I think every woman needs a pair of OTK boots, don't you?)
 Ring Master: (Once again, the fit!)
 And the Vivian (shot by Jim Weathers):
I know they're not the cheapest boots out there, but these have that classic beautiful bondage-style look. Anyone have experience with these? I'd love to hear what you think...