Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Project Sketches 0513

A few sketches to share of some upcoming projects... 

Start with a long time obsession of mine: a breathing snout shaped hood or harness to which a boot can be attached. Part breath-control, part sensory immersion. For all you subs and or boot-fetishists out there who enjoy the smell of leather, hopefully the idea makes you a little weak in the knees...

There's a wood panel in my bedroom that was the inspiration for this hood design, with flame-shaped  eye openings. This is the face I see when I look across the room:
I've been working lately on refining the pattern for both zipped and laced armbinders, which has me thinking of some other variations I'd like to try. One idea: attach the armbinder to the hood, making an all-in-one restraint. This could be either zipped or laced, although getting in and out of the laced version could take a while!
Finally, one that's been on the drawing board for quite some time: a pair of leg pockets. Kind of like the leg pocket in the f-suit, but without the rest of the suit. This is inspired by all the frog ties I see on, which look completely hot! I just want to make my own small contribution to all the awesome stuff Kevin is doing over there. 

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