Sunday, September 15, 2013

Clear armbinder from PJW (also known as John Walker...)

I know most of you have probably seen the work of John Walker (AKA: PJ, or PJW_BDMAX, or hazy cosmic joe) floating around on the internet. Even if you don't recognize the name(s), you probably would recognize the images. 

I think the first things I saw from him that really stuck with me was a series of photos with a very pretty, very leggy blonde getting strapped into a very fitted and well made-straitjacket and posture collar. The immediate impression: this guy knows his stuff - he's got it. Fetish photographs in the mold of a John Willie/Irving Klaw classic-style bondage. Really nicely done. 

Over time I saw more images from this PJW character, each and every set of very high quality - beautiful models, gear that actually fit, real bondage and with skyscraper heels, boots, latex and long gloves. So many of my favorite things...

Well, in the age of the internet magical things happen, and one day - out of the blue - I received a friend request from this very person. At first, I couldn't believe it was him... Looked in his fetlife gallery, and wrote back to him: You did all of this? This is all your work? And you're sending me a friend request? I was just blown away. "I have been seeing and admiring your work for years!" I told him. 

So from time to time we correspond. I'll send him something, or he'll send me a video or images (such as the one below). Since he'd seen I have been working on clear vinyl projects, it seemed appropriate to send this one along, from a photo shoot he did a number of years ago. The armbinder made by friends to his specifications. 

Let's just say I'm happy to have met you, Mr. Walker! 

You can visit his fetlife page here, or see many more examples of his beautful work on deviant art here


  1. Soooo ... how about a PDF for an armbinder pattern? I recently went out Hide House, and they have some very nice garment sides (butterball, plonge) that I now have stacked up waiting for an area-intensive project!

    Also, in case you didn't know, Weather Leather has a 25% off everything sale until oct 16th.