Friday, September 6, 2013

Sad news... RIP Jeff Gord

The world of fetish bondage has lost a legend... I just found out that Jeff Gord (of House of Gord fame) died a just few days ago, on September 3rd. I'm still in a bit of shock. 

The man was a true fetish innovator, mechanical genius, and bondage artist. 

It is amazing when you consider all the devices he dreamed up, and then made real. And then shot and shared with us. How much he accomplished... 

Through Mark of Serious Bondage I actually got to meet Jeff over the phone. I had loaned out some suits, including some f-suit prototypes in vinyl which he shot. It was a dream come true to have someone I admired so much work with stuff I had made. 

He called me at work, and fortunately did most of the talking. He was kind, smart, friendly and very funny, and full of ideas for future projects. I remember him talking about an experiment he was considering using heat-formed plastic to make a kind of hard shell/case/restraint. It could set up quickly and hold a model in a fixed position. I couldn't exactly picture how it would work, but remember thinking how fun it would be to work with Jeff to try and figure it out. 

To have Jeff Gord do what he did is incredibly inspirational. You can make the stuff of fantasy come true in the real world. Through design, engineering and craftsmanship you can safely go places only limited by your imagination. 

Thanks Jeff, for taking us all on an incredible ride. 

A statement can be found on fetlife, and House of Gord.


  1. "...heat-formed plastic to make a kind of hard shell/case/restraint"

    W-wow...that's the stuff of my dreams!

    RIP Jeff Gord, the one and only evil genius in bondage.

    1. You said it, Meguca... There will never be another Gord!

  2. The kinky community has lost a legend.

    His work at House Of Gord was what inspired me to go into engineering, if just so I could try and figure out how he built the things he did.

    God speed Jeff. You will be missed.


    1. Can you imagine an engineering class with Jeff Gord as guest lecturer? He would have loved that idea, I think.

  3. the man had a great mind, and the desire to share with the world (or at least those of us who looked for him), his unique visions. "Spoke" with him several times (via chat) on FetLife, and he was such a down to earth friendly person...
    I admired his work long before i knew who he was, and came to a deeper understanding of what was in my head.
    Rest in Peace

  4. Jeff was a force to be reckoned with...
    His love of engineering and how it could be used and made into bondage and other pervertables.
    His love of life and laughter!
    I had the honor to call him friend.
    Your words are wonderful!

    1. Dear icy,
      Jeff definitely seemed to be enjoying life on his own terms, and that's a great lesson for us all. I think some might be surprised at how funny he was.
      Thanks so much, and take care...