Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Clear Vinyl hood prints by Karen Hsiao

Karen Hsiao is starting to send me images of the photos she has taken with the clear vinyl hood I made for her a few weeks ago. I am just blown away (yet again) by how she can take the things I make and utterly transform them, taking them to another level of expression. 

In these pictures, the model's body head steams up the inside of the hood, creating a mysterious smoky effect. With her hair obscuring her face, the model's identity is partially hidden, but revealed too, through the transparent plastic. Her features are distorted and abstracted, and the only opening - at the mouth - emphasizes her glossy red lips. A symphony of flesh, moisture, body heat and hair. Reflection, transparency, asian beauty and a mood of quiet introspection. Has something just happened... or is it about to happen?

These (and two more images) are being offered by Karen as high-quality prints in her online shop for only $35. Check 'em out here...

I feel so fortunate to be working with Karen. I think together we're creating things that neither one of us would be able to accomplish on our own - I know she can sew, and I can take pictures, but there's some kind of alchemy at work. I keep grooving on the element of surprise, whenever I see what she has done with a piece, and where she has taken it.  

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