Wednesday, July 22, 2015

20 Questions for PD of InSex - A Follow Up

PD in his younger days...
 What kind of person creates what PD created with InSex? What kind of mind creates so many dark, wonderful things (and actually makes them happen in real life)?

I have to admit, I've spent a lot of time thinking about it. I had such a visceral reaction to the site, and it always attracted and repulsed me in equal measure. This curiosity led me to my 20 questions post of a while back. 

One of the many innovative ties from the early days of InSex. 

Someone wrote to me and said “You know, PD’s on FetLife, why don’t you just write to him?” I did, but never got a reply. After seeing the "Graphic Sexual Horror" documentary, I have a feeling I know why. 

PD's artwork

PD’s an artist. In the truest sense. He pursued his art. The line between his work, the the sex videos and content that he created and his personal life, all blurred together.

At some point there was no line for him. Models were expected to play with PD off camera, and if they weren’t willing, they would not be used for future shoots. According to at least one model interviewed, It was an all-or-nothing proposition. 

The success of InSex gave PD the cash to realize some of his darkest fantasies. To collaborate with others who worked in a range of materials - leather, wood, steel, fiberglass.

There was intense financial incentive for models to complete the shoots if they didn’t complete the sessions, they wouldn’t get paid as much as if they did. And if they quit (safeworded out) the possibility of future work (and income) would go away as well.

I came away from my research with the thought of PD and Insects as being a sort of cautionary tale. What would I do with the ability to realize whatever fantasy I had? What if I had unlimited budget, an ample supply of nubile young models who would do my bidding if I waved enough cash in their faces? What if I had an unlimited budget for making whatever restraint I could imagine in whatever material I wanted, and could use them on real flesh-and-blood models? How far would you go? What kind of dark beautiful world would you create if you had no limits?

KGB, metalworker who realized many of PD's ideas with great craftsmanship. 

I admired the intensity and “honesty” of the images on InSex. This wasn’t faked, pretend tie-up games. It was real, graphic and hardcore. But for every beautifully executed bondage scenario, there seemed to be an almost nausea-inducing descent into pain, fear and surreal horror. That was the truth of insex for me.

The graphic Sexual Horror movie covers a lot of PD's background. An early experience of playing tie up games, which led to his sexual awakening, for one.

Next, exposure to a live bondage performance in Asia during military service left an indelible impression on him. 

Pursued career as an artist and a teacher. But realized he wouldn’t achieve tenure because of the subject matter of his art. Rejected by the system, he determined at that point to “corrupt your children.”

The creation of the classic leather bondage hood is discussed...

He's very visually oriented. Very sensitive to the aesthetics of his creations. Also pays attention to fit and functionality. Working with the seamstress, they based the hood design on a prototype PD had taken apart and re-sewn many times over the past 2 years. They would keep working on it until they got it just right. It shows. 

Cool cameo by a Consew leather stitching machine in the background. 

It’s about control. His use of coded numbers for his models was an attempt to keep them from using insex as a platform to build their own following online. He didn’t want them to benefit from the exposure they got from on his site.

Was the allure of money (I won’t call it “easy money”) and promise of future work enough to encourage decisions that might not have been made otherwise?

Was the power and appeal of the site its dance on the edge of consent, sensation and safety? When all the rules of culture and polite society are thrown off, all limitations eliminated, all resources available, what do you end up creating? How far do you go?

Check out the PD interviews on Serious and Graphic Sexual Horror movie (available on Amazon). And of course, you can still subscribe to the original content here at InSex Archives. Fascinating stuff...


  1. so.

    for me.

    there was this one video, where he put (what i assume were for realsies) drugs on his dick, and she had to sniff them off before the video started.

    it was kind of a "huh. ok. that's pretty much super awful." thing.

    i think i'm in your same boat of "this is wonderful art when it is art, but sometimes..."

    i haven't watched that movie, and i think i probably won't, because there is a lot of unpacking i'd have to do to make sure that didn't set my brain off. but the "attempt to keep them from using insex as a platform to build their own following online". i know i've recognized a few outside of insex, but that always seemed so weird. now it makes more sense.

    i wish i knew how to organize my random crazy turn-ons into something constructive.


  2. Congratulations for your article.
    In the 90's I learned the BDSM from him and from 17/18Century writer.
    I always admired and admire his art work! I would love to meet him and learn from him.

    1. Yeah, he is an amazing, inspirational talent. Scary too!