Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Prehistoric f-suit stone carving

A few years ago someone sent me these fantastic images of a figure carved in stone from a prehistoric site located somewhere either in the UK or Europe. These are actually replica souvenir trinkets available for sale. Unfortunately I managed to lose the specific information, and am left only with the images, which I have to admit, do bear a striking resemblance to the f-suit design. 

 I love the idea that certain forms have timeless, universal appeal, and these stylized figures have a fecund voluptuousness that comes across quite clearly. Perhaps this was some sort of fertility idol? 
 The red-dipped and shiny glazed versions have an added visual flair. 
 If anyone out there recognizes the images or may know any information about the figure, could you please contact me? 
 I would love to order some of these...
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  1. this doesn't let you buy it, but it looks like it's a guanche fertility goddess chaxiraxi from tenerife:


    1. That looks like it, sammy. Thanks so much! It was driving me crazy...

  2. Please try an image search on "Idol de Tara" or "Idol de Tara Guanches". Greetings from a great fan of your work!

    1. beritfri, even better! That got me the motherlode. Thanks for cluing me in! Much appreciated.