Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fist Mitts Test Fit Gallery

So these turned out pretty nice. 
I'm happy with the fit, after tweaking the pattern from the first go-round. The test mitten in lamb wasn't tight enough, and could actually be slid off. Unacceptable! It was probably the stretch inherent in this leather that allowed that to happen. You actually may have to make something slightly undersized to get it to fit just right in your desired leather. It's the opposite of "ease" in garment making. 
I decided to put the zipper on the back of the hand, and  I love the clean look of the inside. Now I really want to do a pair with lacing instead of a zip-closure. 
The fitted, bulbous shape at the end is surreal-looking. Very stumpy. In a good way...
I am actually going to have to make a pair of cuffs just for these, as the tight ones I usually use are a bit too big. Ahh, the problems I make for myself...


  1. Thanks Maskenfreund... Hope to get some more real-world testing complete shortly!