Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drool-inducing leather and chrome boot

It is really a great time to be alive as a person with a thing for boots. There is so much creativity in the field of shoe and boot design right now, and I think the web makes available to a wide audience some styles that would otherwise never be seen. And the fact that thigh-high boots are this close to being acceptable as every-day footwear - it's more than this ardent boot-lover such as myself could ever have hoped for!

I came across this image on a shoe-fixated blog, and they stopped me in my tracks:
I just love everything about these, the color, that supertight fit (look how close it fits at the ankle!), and the shiny chrome element contrasting with the leather. Just pure boot artistry. I'm not sure if these were just a production sample, a runway only design or what. But could you imagine seeing these walking down the street? This is my fantasy of what 21st century footwear should be. If only we could be so lucky!

The original blog site where I found the link is here: urbansocialite.com and the direct link to Andrew Magtenyi's site: andrewmajtenyi.com. I definitely hope to see more from this designer in the future.

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