Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Red Butterfly Straitjacket beauty shots

I just wanted to post a couple of pretty pictures of this recently-completed project. I can't wait to see what Karen Hsiao will do with it!
I want to make another version of this jacket, with open-breasts next time.
And I have wanted to make one of these with an attached hood for a long time. I can see it, can't you?


  1. stunningly beautiful craftsmanship and it looks so erotic on the model.

  2. Thanks Ms. Charlotta, I love these jackets too - especially when they fit well.

  3. i like all items from you :-)
    Is it possible to assist me in an own project?

    1. movi, I'm afraid I am not currently taking new orders for custom work. I have too many backed up in the queue. If I do open up to new orders, I'll announce it here on my blog. Sorry, and thanks for your inquiry.