Monday, December 12, 2011

The Puffy Leather Hood

This has been one hood I have wanted to make for a while now, but haven't been able to until I got a particular machine - namely a cylinder-bed sewing machine. This is the one sewing machine I have been waiting for, and whining for, for almost a year now, and it finally came in last week!! I put it to use right away making some items for an artist named Karen Hsiao - including this double-layer puffy hood.

This is one of those things that I needed both the cylinder-bed machine, so I could sew inside the closed shape of the hood to create the quilted lines after the main seams of the hood were sewn shut, and the hood last - so I could stretch the 2 layers of soft lambskin leather, along with the foam inner layer, over the form - to take the shape of the head.
This hood is basically 2 hoods, one nested inside the other. At the mouth and rear, they meet, but in all other aspects the outer hood is larger than the inner.
Here are some views of the interior stitching. That cylinder-arm allows me to get inside that enclosed shape in a way that is just impossible with the flat-bed machine.
I love the way this looks on the inside. I could see doing something reversible, or with thicker, puffier down or foam between the layers. This is just scratching the surface of the possiblilities.


  1. that is strangely beautiful! wonderful workmanship

  2. Wow that looks amazing! The texture and compression of the hood must feel very interesting. :D

  3. I just got these back from Karen and her photoshoot. I can't wait to see how they turned out. She said it fit the model really well... I am hoping to do more versions of this hood with more "puffyness".