Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's finally here!!

For all you gear-heads and tool-queens out there, I'm posting some images of my newest toy/machine! It finally arrived, after what seems like an interminable wait. I have seriously been waiting over 6 months to get my hands on one of these. They kept selling out completely and didn't have any available. According to the vendor, they were bumped off the cargo boat twice by the likes of Wall-Mart. Next, they were delayed by bad weather. Then, the boat the shipment was on was selected to be inspected, which caused yet another delay. I was starting to feel like this thing was never going to get here, that I was somehow cursed, but finally here it is.

What is it you ask? Well, let me tell you: it's a sewing machine. "But Chris", you say, "you already HAVE a sewing machine!" But not one like this... It's a SPECIAL sewing machine. It lets you do special things. Like sew wings onto angels? No, but almost. Well, possibly. Anyway, it's called a "cylinder-bed" sewing machine. Here she is: Ta da!!!!

Worth the wait, don't you think? My preeecious. See how there's a post sticking out from the right side of the machine? As opposed to a regular (also known as a flat-bed) sewing machine, this post or cylinder allows you to get into small areas and enclosed shapes, and stitch to your heart's content. The bobbin lives in a little case at the far end of the post. It's perfect for stitching closed-end shapes. So sleeves for straitjackets, look out. You are no match for this beast. Same goes for arm-pockets and leg-pockets for butterfly straitjackets and f-suits. Mu-hu ha ha haaa!

See how the arm hangs over the edge of the table, so you can maneuver your workpiece any which way without obstruction? This beauty can also stitch quite thick leather and thread. So I can do collars, cuffs and harnesses on it as well.

These are things I COULD stitch before, maybe - but it was a pain in the ass. And now, I can do things that were pretty much impossible before. Like topstitching an arm-pocket connection, or doing that cool puffy hood I just blogged about. Here's the machine stitching the arm pocket to the body on a butterfly straitjacket:
I could do this stitch before, but it was much harder to accomplish. I had to pull the pieces to get the to lay flat, and the potential problem is that it would pull the 2 pieces (which are held by just the clips) out of alignment. Now, the stitching can be done in a more natural position, with less stress on the parts, and that equates to smoother stitching, straighter lines, and perfect alignment between the parts.

Why do I do this? Because I care. Because I am trying to make the best pieces of custom bondage gear that I possibly can. Because I am obsessed, and this will help me get closer the the never-quite-reached goal of perfection.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Hello Christopher.
    Great with cylinder bed machine i have one Pfaff 335 ,similar to the one you purchased very usable machine.It´s good that your back with interesting blogging.
    Best regards from Sweden

  2. Thanks SFL, I checked out your machine - it looks very cool. I am afraid sewing machines are like tattoos. Once you have one, you always get at least one more... and another... Maybe until you run out of money!

    I love the picture of your shop with the hot pair of boots hanging off the riveter! That's a nice touch.

  3. Chris, compliments for this new toy :D
    But now you will can use only this machine?

    Kiss L.T.

  4. Oh no, Dani - I will still use the other one as well. You know, some people can never have enough tools. =0)