Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Miu Miu inspired Sleepsack in black vinyl

The inspiration for this project is a pair of boots from Prada's Miu-Miu line from a few years ago - they were something I came across on eBay, at a price I couldn't pass up. They were stunning, black patent, lined in white leather. What can I say, it's a weakness. Plus, as I always say: "My wife can never have too many pairs of boots."

The contrasting white stitching against the black patent leather just pops - so graphic and bold.
Since I saw them I have wanted to make a sleepsack with the same contrasting topstitching.

Normally I work only in leather, but for this project I'm experimenting with a vinyl I found at Michael Levine's in downtown LA's garment district. They have a couple of stores, one for garment fabric, and one with upholstery fabric and findings across the street. This vinyl was about $15 per linear yard - so it's much cheaper than leather.

Usually the stock upholstery vinyl is just so-so, but this stuff was incredibly shiny and glossy - it looks like well-polished, shiny rubber. It's very sexy.
Most upholstery vinyls are too stiff as well, but this stuff was so stretchy and pliable - but not too thin. I just had to try it out.
It's sort of a prototype/experiment at this point. I am able to use my new hood last to stretch and shape the vinyl. I recently found out that some vinyls take to heat-forming - so that's something else I am looking into playing with. The problems are: it's not breathable at all (as leather would be). It doesn't take to glue, so making the seam allowances behave is a problem. I'm also not sure how durable it will be.
This is going to be a complete enclosure sleepsack - no access holes anywhere. Just a sleek, shiny frustrating enclosure. At the very least, this thing is going to look great in photos.

In progress...
More to come...


  1. Omg :D this version is fantastic! ;D

  2. I made a batman suit out of this years ago, and that white nylon is UNBEARABLE after about 30 minutes. Man I loved that suit. I found that If i saturated white glue (read gooped and pushed it into the fibers) I could get seams to hold.

    1. Yep, it's the white nylon inside - feels pretty yucky inside, even for someone who likes latex. I'm amazed you got white glue to hold... Was it PVA?