Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tan leather hoods

I'm still busy working on some new pieces for Karen Hsiao, the super-talented artist and photographer I am current collaborating with.

The latest project for her is a pair of light tan colored hoods - one mouth-only, and one open-face. The color of the leather takes on an almost flesh-tone appearance if the lighting is right. My wife said "creepy" when she saw it... I think that was the desired effect! I love working with the lamb leather, as it is perfect for hoods: soft and stretchy, so it will conform to the wearer's face. The photos don't do this one justice - it's one sexy hood.
I have fine-tuned the pattern so that it completely matches the hood last I have carved. This makes a couple of production techniques easier, which I plan to share with you on an upcoming post.
I also have been experimenting with a different method for the tongue and lacing panel in the rear of the hood. My previous pattern had a one-piece tongue that was sewn all around. The problem was, to make the opening large enough to get your head in, the tongue had to be quite large. And large could mean bulky.

This new approach uses more of a half-tongue, which reduces the bulk. It also allows me to open the hood wide to topstitch the side seams, even after the back and front panels are sewn together. I use a mini-tongue on the other side to prevent hair from being pulled through the grommet holes as they laces are drawn tight. Don't worry, I'll explain it more clearly later!
I'll post new patterns, too.
For now, I'm off to bed...


  1. The degree to which the leather forms to the head with such smoothness is really, really sexy. I just hope it fits the intended wearer as well.