Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Leg Pocket Prototypes

Another project I managed to take from the sketch book to prototype in the past couple of weeks are the leg pockets. These are designed to hold the leg in a bent position, but allow mobility (for leg spreading), and an attachment point (D-ring) at the knee. 

I started off with the non-lace version just to prove the concept, and they've succeeded with flying colors. It does take some flexibility to wear these, especially if you want to hold the knees down past a certain point. 

These can work without a shoe being worn at all, but I think they look best with the strap held in place by a high heel. I'm hoping to try with a ballet-boot, which I suspect will be sexy as hell! 

I just need to make some minor modifications to the design, and these will be ready to go. Hope to have some "in-use" photos to share soon, along with a laced-pair to go to Kevin at Straitjacketed.com for real world testing. 

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