Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"LOST" photo shoot - part 2

A second set of images from a long ago (almost forgotten) photo shoot. This first one was inspired by an image I had seen by surrealist photographer Jacques Andre Boiffard. The combination of the hood with only a mouth opening paired with the wrist cuffs over long gloves, connected to an overhead chain. Still makes me woozy just thinking about it... There's something so sexy about this scenario to me. Probably that combination of enclosure and exposure. 

 The armbinder fit M beautifully as well. It wasn't made for her, but it sure fit her like it was...
My model had worked as a pro sub, and had experienced armbinders that were relatively easy for her to slip out of. I have to admit I was a little happy when she couldn't slip mine off without help. =0)
A couple of behind-the-scenes pix:
Photo shoots can be a lot of fun...

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