Saturday, December 20, 2014

Boot Binder Sleepsack Part II - Second vinyl prototype

So at this stage the changes and edits to the pattern from prototype number 1 have been made, and the new sack is underway. 

 I'm still working on that tricky seam at the foot pocket. 
 Those 2 radically curved shapes can be a pain to keep aligned while sewing. Hence, lots of clips. 
 I'm getting a good result, and the topstitching is getting cleaner. 
 Makes a pretty radical shape. 

 I give the heel pocket a little more attention this time, trying to sew the little end piece in place. 
 It's another challenge to sew in such a tight little area. 
 I finally manage to get it sewn...
 And overall the foot pocket is looking pretty great. 

Time for a second fit-test...

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