Monday, December 15, 2014

Harness Hood modeled by Chloe Calypso

I am lucky to have worked with the amazing Lew Rubens in the past, which means he sometimes sends me photos of the projects he's working on and models wearing my gear. It's fun to see something in the ol' inbox from Lew, every time! 

These were a couple of cell phone snaps of Chloe Calypso (which I've doctored a bit) for your viewing pleasure. Although taller than the model the armbinder was made for, Chloe managed to somehow squeeze into it after a bit of a struggle...  But I'd say that posture collar fits her just right. 

Thanks for sharing, Lew! 


  1. That's a nice design. Like a panel gag, but even more irremovable

    1. Thanks Meguca! Ongoing experiments with something between a hood and a harness. Sleek and seamless...

  2. Beautiful pictures, beautiful model and beautiful leather work!