Saturday, December 20, 2014

PD's Insex Hood Pattern Circa 1999

Someone asked me if I had a copy of the hood pattern PD posted a long time ago on InSex since I mentioned it in my "20 Questions" post.  I managed to find a copy in the archives, and if you want you can download the original PDF here.  

The original drawstring hood pattern posted by PD circa 1999.

The hood is kind of a fitted bag which tapers at the top and provides some space for the nose while remaining un-contoured at the neck. The design calls for a drawstring just beneath the jaw, which can pull the hood tight and wrap around the neck. Another devious and ingenious design from the mind of PD. Rather simple construction, and a design that would fit a wide range of models. 

A 20 Questions update: I found out that PD does have a FetLife account and tried to contact him there, and also purchased the movie "Graphic Sexual Horror" which is available at Amazon, and is pretty much a documentary about InSex and PD. It answered a lot of questions I had about the man and the site, and I hope to post an update shortly... Thanks to all of you who contacted me with information. 

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