Friday, April 19, 2013

Harness Gag fit testing

I'm having lots of fun lately testing out the harness gag prototype... I'm a big believer in making something, no matter how crude at first, so you can get a sense of how it works in the real world. It can help you narrow down problems right away. That buckle would work better over here! Or, hey, when I put that on, you can't breathe anymore! Might need to fix that...

As you can see, the harness fits nicely over the skin tight lamb leather hood. The little part you see sticking out at the mouth is the back end of a gag being held in place with the harness. I'm experimenting with the gag sizes for this project as well, and it's been a Goldilocks process up to this point. The first gag size was too small. The second size was too big. 

Based on the muffled moans of satisfaction, I'd say this third size is just about right... All this testing and refining can be such hard work. All the lacing and strapping, moaning and armbinders and all. I may need to test this design a few more times before committing to a pattern... Plus, I could use some more practice deciphering "gag-speak". 

It's a tough job, but I guess somebody's got to do it!


  1. Looks beautiful on her.

    P.S. how's that gag-speak translation going

    1. Doesn't it, though? Looks like one of your drawings!!

      Re: the gag-speak, let's just say we've been having a lot of fun "experimenting" lately, and the harness gag looks incredible on top of the cobalt butterfly straitjacket...

  2. Hi Christopher,

    me again with a silly (or serious) question. There are so many leather gags on the market, but nobody says anything about health issues. Do you know wether it is really safe to use leather for a gag? I keep on wondering about that for quite a while now. Of course you can uses vegetable tanned leather, for instance. But not everything natural is untoxic, obviously. So are you sure the leather you use is really unhazardous or is it just a (small) risk you accept?



    1. Hey Olobar,
      Not a dumb question at all, but one I'm afraid I don't have an answer to it. It seems like everything can give you cancer or kill you these days. I'm basing my design on something I've used for years, but I wouldn't know for sure if it's safe. Use at your own risk is about the best I can come up with...