Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Male Chastity article on Serious Male Bondage Journal

In case you don't recognize the following images, please proceed directly to the fascinating article by Dalton Ott over at Serious Male Bondage Journal. I thought I'd seen everything, but the web still holds a few surprises, even for a seasoned perv such as myself...

I'm taken by the careful thought and creativity behind these "ready-to-be-strapped-to-your-junk" devices. I guess there have been a lot of recent developments in this field lately! I'll be damned if all those engineering and industrial design graduates haven't been putting time in on the CAD machines prototyping all manner of injection molded-plastic, silicone and stainless-f-ing steel contraptions for containing, encapsulating and tormenting (through deprivation or spikes) your naughty bits. 

I can't say it's my cup of tea, personally - but the idea of combining bondage (especially a sleepsack or mummification) with a device that keeps you from achieving a full erection, or limits the amount of stimulation you otherwise might have gotten... or taking orgasm control and teasing it out for days or weeks? Multiple extended bondage and chastity sessions?? Where you're locked in, until your significant other/dominatrix/master says otherwise? Well, that's just cruel and unusual. 

Of course, we perverts like that kind of thing, don't we? At least some of us do, apparently! 


  1. I imagine you might get a kick out of the stuff at http://www.steelwerksextreme.com/in-the-beginning too. Really nice custom work, some behind-the-scenes photos, and great workmanship throughout.
    I'd imagine there might be some fun possibilities for custom hardware/leather combinations, too.

  2. Wow, their stuff is amazing... I guess that's where some of the devices in that article came from... Impressive craftsmanship, and it does make the mind reel with the possibilities for combo-restraint/chastity devices!