Monday, April 8, 2013

Winged Posture Collar by rassaku

Occasionally I get an image or an email from someone who has used one of the patterns I have posted on a project of their own. 

I always get a kick out of seeing what other people do with them. Sometimes they have questions or problems which I might try to help them solve. Other times, they just take the file as a starting point for their own creativity, and off they go. I've seen some personalized modifications and a few great Halloween costumes over the years. 

In this case, a leather artisan who goes by rassaku on DeviantArt has added some tooled wings to the posture collar pattern, which I think turned out just awesome: 

I just love the blue color, and the way the crome hardware pops against it. The color is pretty close to the cobalt blue leather I just used for the butterfly straitjacket project. Check out more of rassaku's work here at DeviantArt. Lots of nicely tooled armor and braces - great gear for the Renaissance fair. Some collars, cuffs and harnesses, too. 

And if you want to try making your own version of the posture collar, the pattern is still available here. One note: as I noticed this comment on rassaku's DA page: this collar is pretty severe, and very tall. For a less restrictive experience, you may want to shorten it by a half-inch to an inch. 

Nice job, rassaku, and thanks for sharing! 


  1. I was thinking how use of two colors of material would look on this neck corset. blue with white wings... fabulous! of course then it would become more a fashion item then a bondage item.

    1. It's leaning towards fashion already... There have been lots of collars sent down the runways the past couple of years. Guissipe Zanotti had a complete collar and waist belt connected with a strap - pretty much a bondage harness!