Sunday, April 13, 2014

Armbinder Beauty Shots

Some photos of the recently-completed armbinder project. These are all based on the pattern I posted a few days ago. You can download it yourself here if you like. The first one I made for a friend with a matching blindfold: 

 This design is made straight from the pattern with no modifications. 
The second is modified a bit for a tighter fit in the arms: I can't wait to see this one on Fragile Slave! She is one of those talented and flexible individuals who can bring their elbows together behind her back so they touch. I love her so much - a truly passionate and devoted bondage slave. She is getting this along with a new hood! (Lucky girl...)

The third design is for my personal collection, and an experiment with a full-aniline hide. This time the pattern was edited to make it slightly tighter in the arm pocket. 
This uncorrected leather has a unique surface, and a beautiful deep rich color. It's called out as "burgundy" on the color chart, but has a purple/oxblood intensity that I really like. 

I always feel the need to try out different leathers myself to see how they handle, both when sewn and after being put through their paces. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it...

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