Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lew Rubens Project - Part II

So here's the final result of my collaboration with Lew Rubens. A 3-part set with hood, armbinder and posture collar. 
I started by making a wrap of my models hands together with openings for the thumb and fingers. I wanted to keep a bit of the hand pocket between the thumb and fingers so the armbinder wouldn't ride up. This feature really makes this armbinder unique, and the idea came from Lew. I don't think I've ever seen one like this before. 
 The line across the wrap indicates the wrist. 
The duct-tape wrap is cut apart, and used to mark the edits to my master pattern. A few parts get cut away. 

The end result: open-fingered armbinder nirvana.
The collar was based on my standard tall posture collar with a rolled edge and locking hasp (staple-plate) closure. 
But in order to make the straps removable, I riveted heavy rectangular loops to the lower edge. I tried to make these as sleek and low-profile as possible. 
It does make it so the collar could be used with or without the straps. 
And finally a beautiful nose-only hood in soft Italian lamb leather. 
This thing should fit like a glove...
Lew, I can't wait to see what you do with it! It's been a pleasure. 
Click to visit Lew's felife, homepage or storefront.


  1. That's a great posture collar - is the locking hasp (staple-plate) from Ohio travel bag?

    1. Thanks, Peter! Good eye - the staple plate is from Ohio Travel Bag! A great source for hard to find hardware...